Location Alert by Speech

Location Alert

Location Alert by speech is an app to alert when the destination has reached.This is done by setting the kms or mts before starting the journey.


  • Location alert involves  three easy  steps to activate.
  •  Voice Alert will occur even when the device is in Standby mode.
  •  Set Kilometers (1Km, 2Km or 5 Km) to alert before you reach.
  •  Notification will be sent to  device while the location is near by.
  • Setting pages will enable the options to enable/disable Vibration, LED Flash light and others.
  •  When user creates an alert within 5kms, the alert will occur at 100 meters.
  • The user can  edit, activate or deactivate again.
  • Search options will give the user to set alert on different locations.

This app is developed and maintained by J.Balachandar @ Rajalingam with the guidance of Ramesh Dhananjeyan.
If you  have any issues about the  app you can email us at contact.androplus@gmail.com.

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